7 Key Advantages of Online Banking

The benefits of online banking may seem obvious, but there’s more to it than you may have heard. Of course, it’s all about convenience, but you’ll be glad to discover more.

Online Bill Payment

Through your bank’s website, you can pay your bills and avoid missing checks in the mail. If this feature is not available with your bank, you can pay through your biller’s website. Using your bank’s app on your mobile phone, you will usually be able to deposit checks just by sending snapshots.

Reviewing Transactions

Online banking allows you to go through your banking history wherever you are, 24/7. This is clearly the fastest way to double-check your transactions, find out about unauthorized activity, and fix issues.

Online Money Transfers

With online banking, you can move money across several accounts, as well as check your available funds. It’s even possible to transfer cash to accounts in other banks, though the process will be a bit longer but still more convenient than running to the bank. Online banking also allows you to manage your money more effectively by letting you open two or more savings accounts at the same bank. This feature is not available with all banks though so you’ll have to check around.

Mobile Banking

Banks often have a mobile app that allows online banking through your cell phone. Online banking becomes even way easier because it is quite literally at the palm of your hand – check your account anytime and anywhere while you’re about to forward payment or just shopping around.

Syncing with Money Apps

Most money apps are automatically synced with users’ online banking information, which means it will be easier for you to follow your budget. Generally speaking, whether you’re on your phone or your laptop, these apps can be used.

Purely Online Banks

Online-only banks (banks with no brick-and-mortar branches) offer higher interest rates for savings, Certificates of Deposits (CD), and other common financial products. After all, their overhead costs are much lower, and this means they are able to pass on their savings to their customers. Other benefits of using an online-only bank include, among many others, lower service charges and helping you do your part in environmental preservation (less use of paper, electricity, and other resources).

Safety First

The benefits of online banking are apparent, but there is no reason to open yourself to safety or privacy breaches. After using a public computer, for example, make sure you clear all the cookies after each banking session. Also take time to create a long and difficult-enough password so that it’s almost impossible to hack. Lastly, make it a habit to check your credit reports so that irregularities can be ironed out right away.

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