Today’s schools will need more ways to process payments than they did in the past. While checks or cash have traditionally been used for many types of payments to the school, more schools are starting to accept credit and debit cards as well as mobile payments. With the right purchasing platform, it’s easier than ever for schools to accept payments for almost anything.

Collect Recurring Payments

Schools may have recurring payments they need to obtain from parents or students. Instead of sending out a reminder and collecting cash or checks, they can use a purchasing platform to make it easy for these payments to be made. The parents or students can go online, pay the bills, and receive a receipt. Another option is to allow automatic payments so parents and students can automatically pay with their credit or debit card each month.

Sell Fundraising Products Easily

Fundraising products like school shirts can bring in significant revenues for schools, but the schools need to be able to accept as many payment options as possible so it’s easy for students and parents to purchase items. A purchasing platform allows schools to accept any payment method and easily accept foreign funds if someone from out of the country wants to make a purchase.

Accept Donations For the School

Those who have already finished going to school may be willing to donate money to their school to help it thrive. However, they may not live close enough to bring the donation to the school. With a purchasing platform, the school is able to accept donations no matter where the graduate now lives or how much the individual wants to give to the school. This makes it far easier to bring in donations that can be used for anything the school might need.

If your school doesn’t have a way to accept a variety of payments or you’re looking for an easier way to accept payments from students, parents, and alumni, take the time to check out BlueSnap now. Visit the website to learn more about their purchasing platform and to see if it’s going to be the right option for your school. This could make it much easier for you to accept payments for recurring charges, fundraising products, and more.